• Do you feel down, depressed, anxious, or irritable?

  • Does it seem like others have more energy and enjoy life more than you do?

  • Are you sleeping or eating too much or too little?

  • Are you having difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions?

  • Do you experience feelings of emptiness, worthlessness, helplessness, anger, guilt, and/or hopelessness?

Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiology are all connected, and they can snowball in both desirable and undesirable directions. I provide cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which can help you restructure your negative thinking patterns and modify behaviors that may be making the depression worse. These strategies can help you interpret your environment and interactions with others in more positive and realistic ways. We will also try to understand and work through any issues in relationships that may be contributing to your depression. Click below to contact me and get started.